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Fifteen men on the dead man's chest! Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!

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12/16/14 12:16 am - A new me

It's been almost 4 years since my last check in on here.

Just finished reading every post I made on here along with Alisha. She's amazing, by the way. Genuinely infatuated with her. I've never felt this way. This kind of love before. She tugs my soul.

Unsurprisingly I didn't remember a whole lot while we read through my old posts. Depression and anxiety makes the memory fuzzy. Reading some entries made me realize how unhappy I really was and I feel like I wasted so much time being unhappy.

I'm really good now. Truly the happiest I've ever felt. The healthiest I've ever felt. The most satisfied I've ever felt.

People change, I'm proof of that. I've changed for th better. I'm finally comfortable in my own skin and with my emotions. It feels amazingly freeing.

I am loving the now. The present. And I'm excited to look back 4 years from now.

1/31/11 11:43 pm

hello. i suppose this thing still works?

5/31/08 07:38 pm

tivo! yay!

5/26/08 09:01 pm

tom waits is touring this summer. He's not coming to northern California. The closest is pheonix, AZ. This makes me sad.

Look what I made this weekend:





4/24/08 06:03 pm

so i've been pretty busy lately with work. keeping the apartment clean is a hassle, maybe i should just hire a maid service... and maybe a personal chef too...

dawn and i have 2 awesome friends here. their names are rollins and toast, here is a photo of them:

i miss the friendly hang outs back in michigan (d&d, magic tourny's, denny's nights). california isn't a different planet, my phone number doesn't have a mars area code.

the weather was really nice here a few weeks back but it cooled off the past week or so. i'm wanted to take surf lessons on the weekend it was 90 but was too whipped to make it to the beach, but surf lessons don't start until june anyway. i figure it can't any more difficult than first starting to skateboard.

i am pretty excited about my parents coming to visit, and the san diego comic con (chris is going to meet me and dawn there).

speaking of comics, i am also pretty happy about this:


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